for fixer eyes only

classified information reads:

As you may know the dept. of weather is experiencing chaotic
gliches that need fixing. First the sunset painters all the sudden
started painting dark stormy sunsets instead of pretty ones.
Then the leafs started turning the opposite colore of what there
supposed to be. There are numerous details to be discussed,
please if you have and further questions please reply.

Head dept. of nature, the seems

Where is Sunset strip again???

I got two points. First, sunsets are painted on sunset strip, overlooking the edge of sanity. Sunset strip is a sub-department of The Department of Public Works. Second, leaves are in Nature or Public Works, not weather.

Live to Fix. Fix to Live


I say call C-note or Casey. No offense Becker...

contact me or something i

contact me or something i got a 2400 on the s.a.t.

Ha ha I'm a briefer and I

Ha ha I'm a briefer and I read it