Fixer Jukebox

Hey, first, I gotta say, you people have a great taste in music.

Second, would it be possible to send someone songs and have them added to the jukebox?


I looked at the play list and chose a random song it came up redemption song. "Weird thats on my I-pod." So I chose another one. Up came new slang. Also on my I-pod... weird. I did this like 8 times befor I came across a song I didn't have. But I still new the song! The agents of L.U.C.K. are messing with me. *Looks left and right in a paranoid act* I love the juke box very indy. Not Indy rock though... Here hoping @u@

I love the coldplay songs!

I love the coldplay songs!

Jukebox: Rock on!

I love the songs! I'm going to be listening to them forever! I can't beleive how good they are!

Music is cool

omg! i was listening to the exact same coldplay songs in the jukebox (clocks, the scientist, yellow, don't panic) as i was reading the book, before i ever went to this site! and i remember thinking "wow, if they ever made a movie of this book, don't panic and clocks should definitely be on the soundtrack!" and then i came to the site and they were on the jukebox! how freaky. anyway, if you like coldplay you should check out their songs called see you soon, till kingdom come, green eyes, and amsterdam(which i was listening to as i was researching anne frank, after putting my itunes on party shuffle and without even knowing coldplay had a song called amsterdam. freaky! because that is where anne frank lived.)


hey i luv the bob marley and coldplay

rock on
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