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Hey. I love the book already, even though I hardly read any of it. It has the GREATEST plot :D OH YEAH I got my book autographed too xD didn't know that authors are regular human (or they're fixers too) (but I doubt that) :D


happy thanksgiving everybody!!


for all u haters and nonbelievers out there i just want to say live to fix and fix to live and can you figure out a better way of how the world works

from conner mcleod
or soon to be known as fixer 37


so true!
P.S you do know their is a number 37 already, right?


Seems forever. i got a 2200. i took the test in the book and got one wrong. then i took it online could have used the answers from the book to get a perfect, but i got my same score just to be honest and fair. i'm still a fixer though. i call myself x-4. that's all anyone needs to know.

Live2Fix2Live X-4


Well, not done with the book yet, but so far, it's awesome! Although it's confusing having to keep turning back to the Appendix to see how the Seems work.

Can't wait for The Time Bomb! (Heh, maybe I can.)

best job in the world

hey where is the closest box to me im in bothell washington and a year older than beck.

Next Book!

*Live to Fix,Fix to Live!*

Can't wait for the next book!

Keep your eye out for it!!


I finished this book last

I finished this book last Saturday (In one night) and I must say it was excellent.
It opened my eyes and inspired me. I observe each and everything around me now and wonder, "Hmm. Why does that do that?" or.. "How did that get like that?" But we all know the cause for everything in The World is The Seems. :)

P.S I also think its awesome that both authors live in the same state as little ol' me! :D

Best Book Series Ever!

*The Queen*

This is the Best Series EVER!
It's so cool and everyone should read it!
I got my copy today and it was autographed!!!



You're my new hero. Thanks for stopping that Ripple Effect and getting us a GNS. I really appreciate it. Thanks to Simly too.

Good luck on your next Mission! :)

FIXER: A highly trained specialist called upon to repair Malfunctions that might put the world at risk.

Live to fix. Fix to live.

This book is amazing

I can't wait for the next one.

Thanks Johno and vickster.the.fixer

Thanks Johno! And v.t.f. It's fun being the main character of a book!

Did u guys take the S.A.T? How did u do? I know Johno is still a Briefer. *lol*

I got a perfect 2400 our of

I got a perfect 2400 our of 2400
Garrett R. Bleacher
Live To Fix/Fix To Live
P.S. Your my hero.

This used to be something else

This used to be something else but then I wanted to delete it and since you can't delete comments then this is just a placeholder for what it was.


yes i did and i past!what happen if you pass? do you get something?


*Live to Fix,Fix to Live!*

No,but if u have the book you can get a special password that can get u into the Fixer's Lounge!!

P.S. Look on pg. 272 for the node password.

audio book

i borrowed an audio book from the library but it wouldn't tell me the password. :(


Hi Ppl!

I just passed the S.A.T.!
I met the Authors today at my school.
It was cool!
The book is awesome!
My score is 2000


You actually got to meet the authors?! That's so cool!

See you on the Flip Side!

S.A.T scores

I got 9 out of 12 right so i got a 1800


I took the SAT-I got 2400. :)

I bet it's fun...I wish I could be a Fixer, or a Briefer. *sigh* Unfortunately, it appears that there are no application boxes near me. Could you put in a request for one to be put in Washington? Who is in charge of that, anyways?

FIXER: A highly trained specialist called upon to repair Malfunctions that might put the world at risk.

Live to fix. Fix to live.

Re: Yeah.

Seriously. You manage to advertise yourselves in HP, but totally overlook NB, only one town over? Did it ever occur to whoever's in charge of that (got ya on that, fixer_38) that whatever made Becker great may happen to someone else in the general area? Maybe even Washington?

Congratulations Becker

Nice job my boy, getting the book out. That's some mission.

from a school visit to a great book

Wow. I was soooo psyched when the website was done! I loved reading this manuscript especially when the authors came at my school. I even saw my name in the Events and Press part! Even though the part about the "seventh-grader" talking about the Edge of Sanity, was actually an eighth-grader *cough*. ANYWAY,
I'm so happy that this books gotten good reviews.

The Seems is the best book. And I love Becker Drane more than Harry Potter! *hidesfromharrypotterfanthreats*

Lucky, you got to meet the

Lucky, you got to meet the authors!!! I totally agree with you, Becker is TOTALLY better that Harry.

I like...

Becker more than Harry too. *blushes, and boldly faces Harry fans...and is soon trampled over. She tried.*

FIXER: A highly trained specialist called upon to repair Malfunctions that might put the world at risk.

Live to fix. Fix to live.

Becker vs. Harry

These are both cool guys. BUT I like Hermione the best!
Hermione's twin forever!!!

You've been trampled.... me! hp rox!

And The Seems?

I think that no one should post on this site who likes Harry Potter better than the Seems. *Completely forgets that there are HP fans out there, therefore doesn't hide, and gets trampled*


Catch you on the Flip Side!

I agree too! *stands with

I agree too! *stands with fixer_38 against tide of HP fans*

Becker shalt live forever!!

Oh, and Firefly too, but that's off topic.