I'm just a briefer, but I want to be a fixer. What should I do?!

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I took the S.A.T. but I turned out as a briefer. I could just take it over again because I know the answers now, but that would be cheating. Is there any other way to get promoted? If not is there anyone who would like me as their briefer?

P.S. I know that you don't officially become a briefer or fixer or whatever, but if I want to do any roleplays or something I at least don't want to be cheating

I got a perfect score

You can be my Breifer. You sound rlly cool!!!

can u be a fixer on this website?

i want to be a fixer but can u actualy b one on this website? if so, SOMEBODY fill me in on the scheme of things also im new

catch u on the flip side

Breifer 2 Fixer

Fixer Drane started out as a Breifer 2. He became a Fixer for making a bid enough impression on his Fixer at the time (Fixer Lake 2 b exact).

Perfect score

I would love a briefer! I got a perfect score so I would love to have a briefer to rp with.

don't remember...

I don't remember what score I got but if you want me as your briefer I'll do my best!

score a 2100+ on the s.a.t.

score a 2100+ on the s.a.t.
but what score did did u get I might want u as my breifer