Sweet dreams...

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I have always felt a strange attachment to books,movies,tv shows,videogames,etc. about dreams because I always love dreams. They are a place to be away from the troubles of the world and be someone else. I loved the Glitch In sleep and I plan to read the next book soon. The most magical part of the was when Becker and Jeniffer Kaley went into the dream, that part was just amazing. I was shocked to read the words in the paragraph on page 244 that begins with "almost immediately" because that it exactly how I feel every morning after waking up from a good dream. And on the next page I just wished that something like that would happen to me. Am I the only one who thinks like this? Please answer me. I need to find someone who understands.

My dreams are fantastical- I

My dreams are fantastical- I do in them what I can never do in The World. That's pretty much the only way my Case Worker ever gives me anything. not that my life is as bad as Jenifer Kayley's was, but... I agree in general about the dream thing.

You never know.

You never know. Your Case Worker might order you a 532!!!!

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