what else can you do here

i have only been a member for a short time but iam kind of bored here you know just waiting for something to happen or get here. I wonder when the next book is comming out. Though i really want this book to be a movie.

until then,
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me too.

Im a little bored with this too, but I think the seems books would make a cool movie.

I don't think so... *considers thoughtfully*

As a movie they probably wouldn't do what they did with the HP ones (make one per book) they'd do it like the Series of Unfortunate Events (lump them all into one) so I think it's a bad idea.

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That Depends on the Authors

Whether or not the movie (if they make one) is like the series is completely up to the authors. The movie producers and director makes decisions, but the author has to approve of it. In that movie Twilight (based on some reliable sources, the movie wasn't anything like the book), the author didn't do anything with the movie and let all the movie guys decide. Bad choice. But in Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling was a part of EVERYTHING; she helped with script, she chose the cast, all the settings, even Platform 9 and 3/4 (which I've been to, but that's besides the point). I just hope that the Authors make the right decision (being part of everything). But then again, They may not make a movie because it would attract a lot of attention towards the Seems, and we all know about "...ANY REPUBLICATION, RETRANSMISSION, RECONVERSATION, REPROMULGATION, REGURGITATION, OR RECAPITULATION ENACTED BY ANY READER OF THIS TEXT IS HEREBY PROHIBITED, RECOMMENDED AGAINST, SEVERELY DISCOURAGED, OUTLAWED, BANNED, AND FORBIDDEN" and the "SUCH PENALTIES FOR THE UNSPECIFIED RELEASE OF SENSITIVE SEEMSIAN INFORMATION INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO, REMOVAL OF L.U.C.K., CEASING OF BIG IDEAS, WITHHOLDING OF SLEEP, DENIAL OF CERTAIN PUBLIC WORK SPECTACLES, LACK OF OVERSIGHT BY CASE WORKER, DOWNGRADING OF THREAD IMPORTANCE WITHIN CHAIN-OF-EVENT CONSTRUCTION, ETC", from Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Form #1504-3 of The Department of Legal Affairs, The Seems. So, I guess it's up to the authorities.

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Hey guys:

Yes, we have *some* say in the movie, but not as much influence as you might think!! In the studio system (ie...Hollywood), even if you are the writer you have a lot of other chefs in the kitchen. In our case, there are some good chefs, but the studio always reserves the right to fire you (ie...us) at any moment!...and bring on new writers. So, we shall see...guess it's in the hands of "The Plan" now.

Luckily, we'll always have the ability to make the books special (knock on wood/no Jinx Gnomes.) So keep your eyes out for #3 coming in the Fall..."The Lost Train of Thought." We're stoked about it.


wexler/hulme (your loyal authors) :-)